Catherine Clark Demetriadi MInstF

Principal and Co-Director, CommunicationsPoint Limited

Now is a great time to plan your campaigns and donor communications for when the COVID-19 lock-down is finally lifted. FundraisingPoint is happy to talk to you free-of-charge about what we can do to support you when that time comes; however, we regret that we are unable to commit to any consulting contracts until the lock-down is officially lifted, due to strict Treasury regulations.

FundraisingPoint is a consulting service for charities and non-profits

Its principal, Catherine Clark Demetriadi, MInstF, has over 30 years’ experience in the USA and UK.  She has started development departments from scratch and launched many successful annual, major gift, capital, endowment, and legacy campaigns.  Her mission is to bring the best of donor relationship building to the forefront of fundraising practice, and to help trustees and staff members to understand – and successfully fulfil – their roles as donors, ambassadors, networkers, and askers. 

FundraisingPoint is a branch of CommunicationsPoint Ltd, providing communications, marketing, and media relations strategy and services for tourism, business, charity, and the arts. We work with carefully chosen designers, printers, website developers, photographers, and other associates to provide the best services at the right cost.

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‘We would not have been so successful without Catherine’s skill in planning and executing a plan for our capital campaign. She was highly organized, had a good sense of potential donors and how to persuade them to donate. She wrote all the campaign materials, including the basic statement of the campaign, our goals statements and our literature, envelopes and pledge cards. She developed the computer system to track campaign contributions, and logged and analyzed the data herself.

‘Catherine proved herself once again as a greatly skilled and highly competent individual. She has demonstrated that she can successfully focus on and manage a single campaign or act as a consultant for a number of campaigns. She is clearly among the best in her field.’

John D. Isaacs

then-President, Council for a Livable World, Washington, DC

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