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My comment about bad fundraising practice published in Civil Society News

December 2015

Alan Clayton’s lecture on short-termism by trustees causing bad fundraising practice

Catherine Demetriadi
7 Dec 2015

We must stop calling ourselves fundraisers. We are facilitators for the board of trustees, programme staff, donors, and fundraising volunteers. We must cease to be hired hands doing the dirty work for others who think raising money is basically disgusting.

Until there is a sea change in UK fundraising culture, we’ll be pushed around by trustees, executive directors, and worst of all, finance directors, none of whom want to take responsibility for building warm, honest, transparent relationships with their charities’ donors or to take the time that a true investment in fundraising requires.

The FPS [Fundraising Preference Service] was practically inevitable in this climate and is a strike at the heart of charity, of free association, and of a well-funded, outspoken charitable sector. This situation makes me angry beyond belief and the state of philanthropy here has alarmed me since I returned to the UK in 2009.

That and the tar pit of charities bidding for contracted government services. That hasn’t done too well either, has it.

Sheila Bailey
8 Dec 2015
Response to [Catherine Demetriadi]

Very well put. Indeed, perhaps the next logical step is to really look at those relationships and what can realistically be achieved with staff becoming totally demoralized and having their working lives made miserable and trustee boards understanding what they need to do to deliver a strategy.

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